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Is your air conditioner not working like it should? Northern Illinois Heating/Cooling offers air conditioning repairs to keep your home comfortable. We will come out and diagnose the problem and provide you with a free estimate. Our technicians are experienced with troubleshooting a wide range of air conditioner problems to get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Call (815) 298-7071 for 24-hour emergency service when your air conditioner isn't working.

5 signs you require air conditioning repairs

5 signs you require air conditioning repairs

Of course, if your air conditioning unit isn't blowing cold air, it's in need of repair. However, there are other signs it's time to call a professional technician, including:

  1. Your home is getting poor air flow
  2. Your thermostat isn't working properly
  3. You see signs of moisture around the system
  4. You hear strange sounds coming from the unit
  5. You notice odd smells coming from the vents
Don't wait until a small problem becomes a big headache. Contact Northern Illinois Heating/Cooling for the air conditioning repairs you're searching for in the Rockford, Rockton & Belvidere, IL area.