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Sign up for seasonal air conditioning service

A great way to make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer is by signing up for a service contract. We offer seasonal plans to service and clean your AC unit to ensure it's in the best shape possible. By having us check the efficiency and parts of the air conditioner, you'll know that you'll be comfortable when you turn the system on. Contact Northern Illinois Heating/Cooling today to sign up for a seasonal service plan in the Rockford, Rockton & Belvidere, IL area.

3 benefits of air conditioning service contracts

3 benefits of air conditioning service contracts

While air conditioning units can become worn out over time, preventive maintenance can go a long way toward preserving your system's function. There are numerous benefits of signing up for an AC service plan, including:

  1. Early detection of problems
  2. Improved efficiency of your air conditioning unit
  3. Extended life of your system
A well-maintained unit also provides you with peace of mind when the heat of summer arrives. Call (815) 298-7071 today to learn more about our preventive maintenance plans.